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Agra to Nainital Volvo Bus Service

Agra to Nainital Bus Ticket Fare

Type of Bus

Bus Fare

Non AC / Ordinary
Rs /-
Deluxe / AC Bus
Rs /-
Volvo Bus
Rs /-
Sleeper Service
Rs /-

Road distance between Agra and Nainital is Estimated road travel time is . Many buses are available to travel from Agra to Nainital.

ac bus from Agra to Nainital

Bus stations near Nainital

1st Bus Station
Second Station
Third Station

Bus route map from Agra to Nainital

Weather of Nainital

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Well known Hill StationsNainital
Renowned Pilgrims
Sea Beaches to visit
Sikarim sagar Beach
Sikarim sagar Beach
Malgund Beach

Some great tips for the Bus Journey

  1. Try to avoid window seat during winter season, incase window is not getting closed properly then you will have trouble during your journey.
  2. Try to avoid taking back seats because this makes the ride more bumpy.
  3. Empty your bladder before you just start your journey.

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