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ac bus from Banashankari to Adugodi

Banashankari to Adugodi Bus Route and No

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Travel Distance and Time

Road distance between Banashankari and Adugodi is (Kilometers). Estimated road travel time is . Travel time may vary, depending on the road and traffic conditions. Many buses (both AC and Non AC) are available to travel from Banashankari to Adugodi.

Bus stations near Adugodi

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Useful driving tips for everyone

  1. While driving for long distance, make sure you take proper rest at intermediate stops. It will also give some cooling to the vehicle and the tyres.
  2. Drive slow during rainy season as the roads become slippery. Be careful while applying the brakes.
  3. Do not exceed the speed limit while driving the vehicle.
  4. Be very very careful while overtaking any vehicle. Only overtake when its absolutely necessary.

Some good manners while travelling in a local bus

  1. Offer your seat to elderly people in the bus.
  2. Do not keep your hand on others shoulder inside the bus.
  3. If you have doubt about the bus number or bus route, check with others on the bus stop and make sure you are boarding the right bus.
  4. While having conversation with your friend with you or with someone over the phone, keep your volume very low so that others should not get disturbed.

Some important information to know

  1. Bangalore is also known as Silicon City of India
  2. Bangalore is first city in India to get electricity from hydro power energy
  3. Bangalore is one of the city which has maximum number of two wheelers vehicles
  4. Bangalore is also known as one of the cleanest city in India

Remarkable places of Bangalore for immense shopping experience

  1. Dont forget to go to Commercial Street for Shopping
  2. Planning for shopping then Avenue Road is must place to visit once
  3. Planning for shopping then Gandhi Bazaar is must place to visit once
  4. Planning for shopping then Chikpet is must place to visit once

Some good points to know

  1. Go for Spicy Corner at Jeevanbheema Nagar
  2. Just try Jayanagars Chatar Patar & you will find it amazing
  3. Try V V Puram food street
  4. Try Dadar Vada Pav at Indiranagar

Bus route map from Banashankari to Adugodi

Bus route of different places from Adugodi

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