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Bankura to Kolkata Volvo Bus Service

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Travel Distance and Time

Road distance between Bankura and Kolkata is (Kilometers). Estimated road travel time is . Travel time may vary, depending on the road and traffic conditions. Many buses (both AC and Non AC) are available to travel from Bankura to Kolkata.

Bus stations near Kolkata

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Second Station
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Bus route of other places from Bankura

Useful driving tips for everyone

  1. Use indicators before hand while taking any turn.
  2. Always be careful while driving, avoid talking over the phone. If you have to take a call then stop your vehicle, park it on one side of the road and then talk.
  3. Be very very careful while overtaking any vehicle. Only overtake when its absolutely necessary.
  4. Do not talk on cell phone while driving.

Some important tips to travel in a local bus

  1. Keep an eye on your destination point and do not miss your bus stop.
  2. While having conversation with your friend with you or with someone over the phone, keep your volume very low so that others should not get disturbed.
  3. Be patient and avoid pushing people while entering the bus.
  4. Keep your volume low, while talking to someone over the phone.

Some hill stations must visit

  1. Khandala
  2. Rishikesh
  3. Mirik
  4. Kumily

Some pilgrim tourism places must visit

  1. Mount Abu
  2. Ernakulam
  3. Ahmad Shah Mosque
  4. Puri

Some good sea beaches to visit and spend time near you

  1. Tarkarli Beach
  2. Murud Harnai Beach
  3. Kondavli Beach
  4. Kollam Beach

Bus route map from Bankura to Kolkata

Bus route of different places from Kolkata

Bus route of other places from Kolkata