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ac bus from Chandigarh to Faridabad

Chandigarh to Faridabad Volvo Bus Service

Chandigarh to Faridabad Bus Ticket Fare

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Non AC / Ordinary
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Travel Distance and Time

Road distance between Chandigarh and Faridabad is (Kilometers). Estimated road travel time is . Travel time may vary, depending on the road and traffic conditions. Many buses (both AC and Non AC) are available to travel from Chandigarh to Faridabad.

Bus stations near Faridabad

1st Bus Station
Second Station
Third Station

Bus route of other places from Chandigarh

Useful driving tips for everyone

  1. Do not exceed the speed limit while driving the vehicle.
  2. Use Indicator while taking a turn. Turn on the indicator well on time and make sure you turn on the correct indicator.
  3. Do not drink and drive as its not safe.
  4. While driving your car, always remember to wear your seat belt.

Few significant points to help local bus travellers

  1. While having conversation with your friend with you or with someone over the phone, keep your volume very low so that others should not get disturbed.
  2. Avoid wearing jewellery while travelling in a bus.
  3. Let the passengers inside the bus exit first, before you try to enter in the bus.
  4. Keep an eye on your destination point and do not miss your bus stop.

Hill stations to travel

  1. Pachmarhi
  2. Agumbe
  3. Yamunotri
  4. Charalkunnu

Some pilgrim tourism places must go

  1. Murugan Temple
  2. Sarnath
  3. Tashiding Monastery
  4. Govardhan

Good beaches to visit and spend time near you

  1. Aksa Beach
  2. Versova Beach
  3. Kollam Beach
  4. Guhagar Beach

Bus route map from Chandigarh to Faridabad

Bus route of different places from Faridabad

Bus route of other places from Faridabad