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Non AC / Ordinary
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Travel Distance and Time

Road distance between Surat and Kota is (Kilometers). Estimated road travel time is . Travel time may vary, depending on the road and traffic conditions. Many buses (both AC and Non AC) are available to travel from Surat to Kota.

Bus stations near Kota

1st Bus Station
Second Station
Third Station

Bus route of other places from Surat

Useful driving tips for everyone

  1. Use indicators before hand while taking any turn.
  2. Do not exceed the speed limit while driving the vehicle.
  3. Do not talk on cell phone while driving.
  4. Do not drive any two wheelers without a helmet. Wear a good company helmet and stay safe.

Etiquettes to travel in a local bus

  1. Try to keep the change to buy the bus ticket.
  2. Do not keep your hand on others shoulder inside the bus.
  3. Keep your volume low, while talking to someone over the phone.
  4. Do not rush and board the bus only when it stops completely at the bus stop.

Hill stations worth going

  1. Chaukori
  2. Soreng
  3. Nalumukku estate
  4. Churdhar Sanctuary

Some pilgrim tourism places where you should go

  1. Nashik
  2. Charar-e-sharif
  3. Rameswaram
  4. Govardhan

Nice sea beaches to travel and enjoy

  1. Elliot
  2. Chandipur Beach
  3. Ganapatipule Beach
  4. Astaranga Beach

Bus route map from Surat to Kota

Bus route of different places from Kota

Bus route of other places from Kota