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Ujjain to Bhopal Volvo Bus Service

Ujjain to Bhopal Bus Ticket Fare

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Non AC / Ordinary
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Travel Distance and Time

Road distance between Ujjain and Bhopal is (Kilometers). Estimated road travel time is . Travel time may vary, depending on the road and traffic conditions. Many buses (both AC and Non AC) are available to travel from Ujjain to Bhopal.

Bus stations near Bhopal

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Third Station

Bus route of other places from Ujjain

Driving Tips

  1. Driving without a helmet is not safe hence always wear a helmet while driving any two wheeler.
  2. Be careful while reversing your four wheeler, use mirrors to see if there is someone behind the vehicle. Use horn if necessary.
  3. Use indicators before hand while taking any turn.
  4. Be very very careful while overtaking any vehicle. Only overtake when its absolutely necessary.

Some good manners while travelling in a local bus

  1. Avoid wearing jewellery while travelling in a bus.
  2. Prepare yourself to get down from the bus as soon as your destination point is about to come.
  3. Do not rush and board the bus only when it stops completely at the bus stop.
  4. Buy your bus ticket as soon as you enter in the bus so that you do not forget it later.

Some hill stations must travel

  1. Gulmarg
  2. Kanatal
  3. Sundar Nagar
  4. Chirmiri

Some pilgrim places to travel

  1. Palitana
  2. Mahabaleshwar
  3. Somnath
  4. Sarvadharma Temple- Jagadhri

Sea shore to visit and enjoy

  1. Shiroda Velagar Beach
  2. Marina
  3. Snehatheeram Beach
  4. Madh Island's beach

Bus route map from Ujjain to Bhopal

Bus route of different places from Bhopal

Bus route of other places from Bhopal